7 Delicious Pie Recipes  

This classic recipe feeds six and is excellent for families. The sauce is made by thickening stock after poaching the chicken till soft. 

A unique beef pie recipe. After marinating overnight, beef is slow-cooked in stock and ale and placed in a pie dish. 

This comforting recipe combines creamy chicken tikka masala with pastry pie. 

These individual pies can be made ahead and refrigerated until baking. You can substitute any firm white fish for poached cod. 

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This stunning vegetarian main meal will wow. A filling of garlicky spinach, sautéed mushrooms, rich ricotta, Gruyère, and eggs is cooked in all-butter puff pastry until crisp and golden and the center just set.

This substantial, cheesy pie showcases Västerbotten, a savory, durable Swedish cheese. You could also use aged Cheddar or Comté.

This pie is filling, healthy, and affordable. Spices and vegetables make it flavorful. Double carbs—potato filling and filo pastry topping—add appeal.

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