7 Ice Cream History Fun Facts  

According to mythology, Ancient Greeks enjoyed a dish comparable to ice cream around the 5th century B.C. Marco Polo reportedly brought ice cream to Italy in the 1300s.  

America didn't get ice cream until the 1700s, even though Europe did in the 1300s. Because of its pricey components and primitive refrigeration, it was a delicacy. 

Ice cream is popular globally. World Atlas says New Zealand eats the most, 28.4 liters per year. Australia ranks third with 18 liters, followed by the U.S. with 20.8.  

Ice cream is always considered a sweet treat, not a low-fat food. However, 2023 research suggests the frozen treat may be beneficial.

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Sundaes were invented in Evanston, Illinois, in the late 1800s when Sunday sales of ice cream with flavored soda were forbidden. 

Vanilla ice cream is a classic because polls reveal it's the most popular flavor in the U.S., Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, and China. Chocolate and cookies and cream follow.  

Though vanilla and chocolate are the most popular, America has a least favorite. One poll found that only 2% of Americans prefer Neapolitan, a vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate mix.

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