Bonding with Your Dog: 7 Effective Ways  

Dogs learn forever, like humans. All dogs, regardless of age or training level, benefit from training. Training can also improve your dog-human relationship.  

Treats or praise are often used to reward good dog behavior.  

Physical activity is essential for dogs and people. Together exercise keeps you and your dog fit and healthy and strengthens your friendship.  

Playing with your dog is fun and exciting. Playtime should be scheduled regularly. Even a 10- to 15-minute daily play session with your dog is ideal.  

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Dogs prefer routines because they are creatures of habit. This includes a timetable for eating, walking, potty breaks, playing, and bedtime.   

Petting and cuddling are vital to bonding with your dog. Whether you have a lap dog who loves to snuggle or an independent dog, contact is essential to bonding.  

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