Healthy Hair Growth: 5 Natural Ways  

A gentle scalp massage strengthens roots and speeds nutrient delivery to follicles.   

Yes, you put eggs in your hair. It will be worth it if your hair is damaged, flat, or lifeless.  

Protein in eggs makes hair strong and lustrous. Vitamin E enhances blood circulation, oxygen availability, and follicle healing, making it crucial for hair development. Eggs provide fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and B12. Superfood for hair!  

This may seem paradoxical, but frequent hair trims promote healthy hair development. Trimming split ends stops them from spreading. Your hair shortens as split ends worsen.  

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Regular hair washing, drying, heat styling, and dyeing is very harmful. Many know that, yet once you start, it's hard to quit.  

However, if healthy hair is crucial, adjustment is needed. Starting gently works best.  

The ruffled and curlier look and bitterer taste distinguish curly kale from “regular” green kale.

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