7 cruciferous vegetables to eat  

This green vegetable contains vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, which protect cells from free radical damage and minimize the risk of chronic diseases.  

A low-carb alternative to pizza crust and rice, this vegetable is popular among ketogenic dieters.

Because of its purplish-red hue and anthocyanins, red cabbage offers a modest nutritional benefit over green cabbage in vitamins C and K.

Bok choy, also known as “Chinese cabbage” because to its origins in China, contains the same anticancer chemicals as green/red cabbage.

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Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamins K and C and have anticancer characteristics like all cruciferous veggies.

This root vegetable comes in red radish and Daikon varieties. Whatever type you eat, they include vitamin C and other anticancer and antioxidant elements that can lower cancer risk.    

The ruffled and curlier look and bitterer taste distinguish curly kale from “regular” green kale.

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