7 Food Myths That Could Change Your Diet  

The Mayo Clinic says carbohydrates provide energy and macronutrients. Overeating refined white bread, pastries, and pasta can induce weight gain, but there are healthy carbs.  

People think a food's calorie count is the only indicator of its weight impact, but it's more complicated.   

Organic farming produces pesticide- and fertilizer-free food without compromising nutrients.  

Despite the fact that eating too much of any macronutrient, including fat, causes weight gain, Healthline says eating fat-rich foods as part of a healthy, balanced diet does not.  

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Breakfast skipping disturbs metabolism and can lead to unhealthy appetites and overeating later in the day.  

Health says, “One of the liver's functions in the body is the metabolism of drugs and detoxification of substances in the blood; therefore, it does not require cleansing.”   

Chilies and curries won't harm your digestive system unless you have gastritis or heartburn. Ulcers in the stomach lining allow stomach acid to burn underlying tissue.   

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