7 Watermelon Benefits  

Watermelon's 92% water content makes it a hydrating powerhouse. Besides satisfying thirst, it helps sustain physical processes.

Watermelon is a rich source of nutrients and minerals. Nutritional staple watermelon contains immune-boosting vitamins A and C and important minerals like potassium.

Watermelon has antioxidants, including lycopene, in addition to its delicious taste. These powerful chemicals neutralize free radicals, protecting cells.

Watermelon, rich in citrulline, promotes heart health beyond its snacking role. Citruline, a key component, improves cardiovascular health. 

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Did you know watermelon can help fitness enthusiasts recover after exercise? Citrulline in this delicious fruit aids muscle rehabilitation. 

Its fiber content makes watermelon a digestive aid as well as a seasonal treat. This feature alleviates constipation. 

Though vanilla and chocolate are the most popular, America has a least favorite. One poll found that only 2% of Americans prefer Neapolitan, a vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate mix.

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