7 Surprisingly Healthy Foods  

Grapes are sometimes called sugar globes. This fruit is one of the sweetest, with 12 grams of sugar per half-cup.  

Allen believes chicken thighs and breasts are similar in fat, despite their reputation. Skinless thighs offer 200 calories and 2.6 grams of saturated fat per four ounces, while breast meat has 180 calories and 1 gram.  

Sourdough is better than white bread, even though most loaves are produced using white flour.   

Keep last night's leftovers. Resistant starch forms when cooked rice, pasta, and potatoes are refrigerated. The large intestine breaks it down into short-chain fatty acids that feed gut flora.   

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Popcorn without butter and salt is one of the healthiest foods. “Popcorn is a whole grain,” Coogan explains.  

Do not skip this creamy barbecue staple. “Compared to mac and cheese or potato salad, coleslaw is the obvious choice,” Coogan argues.  

Kimchi, a Korean staple composed of cabbage and hot pepper paste, lends a fiery, sour bite to meals.  

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