7 Weight-Loss Fruits

Anti-inflammatory polyphenols are abundant in apples. Also high in filling fiber. One medium apple with peel has over 4 g of fiber, 14% of the Daily Value.  

Avocado is a fruit, yet it's a good fat. Avocado is a wonderful weight-loss fruit despite its greater fat and calorie content.     

Blueberries, at 85 calories per cup, are low-calorie fruits. Blueberries are one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits, and consuming 150 g daily reduces heart disease risk by 15%.

Cherries provide vitamin C, fiber, and anti-inflammatory antioxidants, but they may help manage weight by supporting healthy sleep.         

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Dates, a delicious fruit, can help you lose weight. A 2020 study randomly allocated 100 type 2 diabetic men and women to eat no dates or three dates daily.

Grapefruits are low in sugar and calories and high in vitamin C and water. Half a pink or red grapefruit has 52 calories, 8.5 g sugar, and 2 g fiber.  

Sweet and tart, kiwis taste like tropical fruits and berries. One kiwi has 50 calories and less than 7 g of sugar. Like cherries, kiwis help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer.  

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