A Collection of Our Favorite Shrimp Recipes 

To top it all off, this show-stopper only takes 30 minutes to prepare and may be ready to go in no time at all. 

It doesn't get much easier than this covertly sluggish supper.  

In a nutshell, bake the potatoes, toss in the remaining vegetables and shrimp, then top with herbs.  

That there's just one pan to wash is perhaps the best part. 

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Although dealing with seafood leftovers might be challenging, our readers have raved about this dish, saying that it is delicious cold the following day for lunch.  

Complement it with some freshly cooked pita bread for an extra special treat. 

Frozen shrimp is ideal for this meal, even if fresh shrimp from the seafood counter could be more appealing. 

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