A Ranking of the Top Fast Food Fragrant Chicken 

They have a dedicated customer base thanks to the 37 years of offering traditional drive-thru fare.  

White flesh chicken tenders coated in the chain's unique seasoned fry batter, 

which imparts a distinctive zesty taste, are available as "Fry-Seasoned Tenders" at Checkers. 

The abundance of freshly ground black pepper in the coating was the first thing that caught our attention during our tasting test.  

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Unfortunately, the coating was somewhat thin, and the chicken pieces were not as robust as we had hoped. 

With over 25,000 locations in over 140 countries and territories, KFC is by far the most famous fried chicken chain in the world.  

Fried chicken from this restaurant is famous all over the world, thanks to the legendary Colonel Sanders and their unique blend of eleven herbs and spices. 

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