Almost Unheard-Of Donut Fillings 

Donuts have been adorned with a wide variety of sweet and savory toppings, ranging from traditional glazed to jelly-filled delights. 

A plethora of new donut tastes are appearing globally, each one elevating the once-simple delicacy with distinctive, daring, and sophisticated combinations.  

This is all down to the increased push from social media for imaginative confections to go viral and the involvement of Michelin-starred chefs.  

Instead of getting the same old chocolate or vanilla doughnuts the next time you visit your neighborhood bakery, try one of these creative alternatives. 

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To start, The Chuckles is a delectable combination of three kinds of chocolate—drizzling, powder, and frosting—with caramel and peanuts. 

It looks like a cross between a donut and a candy bar. 

Cinnamon sugar, cayenne pepper, and dried red chili pepper create a fiery-sweet combination in the Ring of Fire. 

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