American Kennel Club-Recognized New Dog Breeds

Have you wondered what the American Kennel Club's latest dog breeds are? Personally, I was curious.

Jump in together!The American Kennel Club recognized this breed as the 201st. 

This breed is now eligible for thousands of U.S. dog exhibitions, the group said. Farmers used Lancashire heelers to move cattle and rout rats.

These popular short-legged, long-bodied dogs are lively! Their owners report they sometimes smile by pulling back their lips.

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The AKC is excited to register our 200th breed! Most Bracco Italianos are strong, active, and sturdy.

Their companionship would be ideal for active families. This breed likes people and needs a home who can pamper it.

The typical Russian toy is 11 inches tall and 6.5 pounds. This breed was established in Russia in the 1700s and popular with aristocrats.

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