Consumables with Exorbitant Prices Relative to Their Value  

Avocados are expensive and hard to ripen, but don't buy pre-made guacamole. Spend time mashing avocado with lime, onion, and jalapeño for a tasty alternative to purchasing packaged food.  

Pre-cut fruit is enticing since you can take it home and eat it, but Delish says, “This convenience comes at a high price. Pre-cut fruit might be old and expensive.”  

A $1 bag or box of rice mix doesn't seem like a rip-off until you compare it to plain rice and seasoning per pound. Spice packs can make rice six times more expensive than cooking it yourself.  

Even with the rising cost of everything, rolled oats are cheap and the main ingredient in granola. Homemade granola lets you tweak it and save money.  

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Regardless of season, berry cravings can strike at any moment. We advise against overpaying for out-of-season treats.   

Nuts are expensive, but adding dried fruit and M&Ms to a bag makes them even more expensive.   

For the health benefits, you think paying almost quadruple for bone broth over stock at the grocery store is worth it.   

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