Aries Signs Whose Fortunes Are Shifting This Saint Patrick's Day 

Whether it's due to your personal courage to take risks or a cosmic event (such as Saturn's recent entry into Pisces), your luck is about to shift this St. Patrick's Day. 

Taurus  St. Patrick's Day is going to be a confidence booster for you. 

It might have been a lingering praise or the fact that you felt fantastic upon waking up.  

Twin stars  If you put yourself out there on St. Patrick's Day, nice things will come your way.  

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Sometimes it just seems like that. It would be great if you could attend every single one of the events to which you have been invited. 

A scorpion Keep in mind that I brought up the Saturn in Pisces transit in the introduction. 

Something major is about to happen to you, Scorpio, and it's starting right now.  

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