Bad behaviors of each zodiac sign

These signs are brave and brash, making life entertaining. They sometimes overreact and lose their anger.

Aries swear often. Why is this problematic? They want to loudly express their point. This makes individuals act rashly without considering the ramifications 

Leos are terrified of change, so they stay in unhelpful employment or relationships. They also disclose too much online to 'be authentic', but they take things personally, making this difficult

They seem most confident among the zodiac signs. Interesting, their bad traits include insecurity and envy. Thus, they prioritize appearance. Leos can reduce these tendencies by meeting their needs and finding stability 

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Despite their diligence, Sagittarius sometimes overwork. They may also be hasty and create unnecessary chores instead of following a plan to lessen their workload.

They may say things they don't mean, resulting in broken promises. Their great desire for independence, not a lack of sincerity and devotion, drives this propensity.

Air signs' intellectual curiosity and social skills make them party favorites. Beware, getting past their breezy façade to build deeper bonds can be as difficult as catching a wind gust.

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