Healthiest Potato Cooking Methods  

There are several ways to eat potatoes. Potato anthocyanins are best preserved by boiling, microwaving, and steaming, according to research. Frying destroys these protecting chemicals most.   

Keep your potatoes' skins to get more antioxidants like anthocyanins and reduce vitamin C and potassium loss while cooking.  

Steam potatoes and add fresh herbs, spices, olive oil, and mustard for a colorful and tasty potato salad.  

Soups and stews get more fiber, vitamins, and minerals from potatoes.  

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A healthy and easy side dish is a sweet or ordinary potato baked or microwaved in its skin.   

Greek yogurt instead of cream or milk makes mashed potatoes lighter and higher in protein. Your dish gets full protein, creamy texture, and acidic flavor with this simple addition.  

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