best dog breeds for beginners  

Labradors, one of the most popular dog breeds, make great family pets if taught properly. Despite their obedience, this pet needs a stern owner   

This wonderful British dog likes to please its owners and never stops learning new tricks. Border collies are great herders but need regular mental and physical  

German shepherds inspire love globally with their loyalty, agility, and intelligence. Though commonly thought of as work dogs, they may make great pets if properly  

This handsome dog has perky, erect ears. A great, playful nature makes the breed easy to teach. Though sweet and affectionate, they might be clinging due to their demand for attention.  

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Couples and families who spend mostly at home can consider continental toy spaniels.  

The North American third-most popular dog breed is the golden retriever. Given that these dogs are obedience champs, this is expected. This golden-coated dog is easy to train.   

Poodles are one of the smartest canines in the world, and their nobility charms us. Its bright, fun attitude will please families and busy owners. Poodles are eager to please and trainable.   

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