Better-than-takeout noodle recipes

These recipes for noodle soups, stir-fries, bowls, and salads will inspire you to cook.  

Rice noodles and finely sliced beef are cooked in a spicy broth in under 30 minutes.  

Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner without sacrificing flavor, this soup is finished with lime and cilantro to cut through the heavy broth.  

Pad Thai is easy to make at home and perfect for a big bowl of comfort. This take on the original recipe uses fresh mint and cilantro and a sweet and salty sauce you'll want to devour by the spoonful.  

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Many people now eat noodle bowls for lunch. This fast-to-make supper is fresh and tasty. Use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge.   

Pickle carrot or cucumber instead of radish and add steamed broccoli or edamame.This meal is flavorful and contains crispy chicken katsu strips and smooth udon noodles.  

The miso sauce contains nutty sesame seeds, salty soy, miso, and a little mirin for acidity. This will be a hit.  

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