Eight causes of dog anxiety and ways to assist  

Traumatic situations like being attacked by a dog, beaten by a human, or hearing a loud sound might affect your dog's emotional health. They may worry about similar events in the future.  

Without sufficient socialization, young dogs can get apprehensive in new circumstances. Careful socialization with short positive exposures to unfamiliar environments is crucial.  

Medical issues include pain, thyroid abnormalities, and hormonal imbalances can cause dog anxiety. Many dogs with noise phobias are in agony.   

Unfortunately, some dogs are born into puppy mills or have anxious parents. Many puppy mill pups are malnourished and uninformed about life.  

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The stomach is called the ‘second brain’ for a reason! Our dogs' stomachs produce most of their serotonin, which regulates mood.   

Many anxious pets benefit from a routine. They feel more relaxed since they can predict what will happen. They may become anxious as they adjust to sudden schedule or environmental changes.  

The ruffled and curlier look and bitterer taste distinguish curly kale from “regular” green kale.

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