Boost Your Meals with Protein Beyond Eggs

Extra firm and firm tofu are great for stir fries and when you want the tofu to maintain its shape," he adds. 

Soft tofu can be battered and sauteed or pureed while silken tofu can be used in smoothies, blended and in sauces.

You can defrost in the fridge and drain before using.No-sodium canned black beans are a shelf-stable source of protein, iron, and fiber that last two to five years unopened.

 It's delicious in chili, rice, or salads and has 6.99 grams of protein per half-cup. If you need to use up a few cans, try these black bean recipes. 

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Lacking low-sodium options? Amidor claims that rinsing beans cuts salt by 40%.Who doesn't like a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? 

Whether crunchy or smooth, this complete meal with whole wheat bread has 8 grams of protein. 

Two tablespoons provide 20% of your daily niacin, 8% of your dietary fiber, and 10% of your vitamin E.

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