Boozy Gaelic vs. Irish Coffee

Both seasoned and novice bartenders have undoubtedly encountered Irish coffee previously. 

 It's really just two parts coffee and Irish whiskey. A more indulgent and often consumed version of the concoction consists of coffee, heavy cream, Irish whiskey, coffee liqueur, and some kind of sweetener. 

Nonetheless, the two major characteristics that set this classic cocktail apart are the Irish whiskey and the potent coffee. 

We'd like to introduce you to Gaelic coffee, if you've never heard of its smokey cousin.

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The coffee-whiskey drinks that pay homage to these two cultures' namesakes are as distinctive as their tastes and attributes. 

The term "Gaelic" describes the Scottish Celtic Highlanders, or Gaels. In Scotland between the ninth and the eleventh centuries, Gaelic was the language that was most frequently spoken.

However, Gaelic speakers were concentrated in the northern and western parts of Scotland during the Norman invasion of the British Isles in the eleventh and twelfth century. 

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