Sandwich Chains That Are Unparalleled 

In today's fast-food society, the tastiest sandwich may be found at the chain restaurant down the street from you, depending on your hometown.  

Who will emerge victorious in the subspace war, though? Is J. Mike victorious over J. John? 

A potbelly appears every twenty feet in some urban areas. Some are utterly devoid of life.  

You already have a good idea of what you're getting into if you happen to live near a Potbelly.  

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The menu features both classics like tuna and Italian subs and more creative options like chicken salad and Mediterranean subs.  

Every time, the bread is just right. Hot giardiniera peppers are a beautiful complement as well.  

Beef is lean and flavorful. Sandwiches, whether warm or cold, are equally acceptable. These are stunning. 

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