breeds of white felines  

Persian cat Persian longhairs, beautiful white cats, with round faces and small noses. Their name says they originated in Afghanistan and Iran and moved west in the 19th century.   

Turkish angora Turkish angoras are among the oldest domesticated cats. The Turkish angora is one of the most stunning white cat breeds with its white coat and large  

Maine coon What else can be said about the Maine Coon? They are one of the world's largest and most popular cat breeds. There are many types of Maine Coons  

Russian white  cats, established in the 1970s, are among the newest cat breeds worldwide. They're from the legendary Russian blue cat breed, which was crossed with the Siberian to create the pearly white cat breed we love  

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Ragdoll The ragdoll, a member of cat aristocracy, is known for its fury, love of smooches, and mischief. The ragdoll is the beautiful white cat breed, but it also annoys owners.  

Balinese The fluffy Balinese cat comes from Bali. If they're with you and can get some pets, these beach-loving cats like a session of snooker on Friday nights and a stiff drink.   

American curl California invented the American curl, which has odd, backward-folded ears. American curls, a new cat breed, were initially introduced in the early 1980s by Shulamith  

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