Calm Dog Breeds with Relaxed Characteristics 

We did not overlook, of course, enormous dog breeds that enjoy nothing more than to lay out like lap dogs across your body or to flop down on the floor.  

These gentle dog breeds may prefer to let someone else fetch something, like their delicious reward, or they may like playing fetch with children in the garden. 

While some dogs require frequent brushing and others may not shed much at all,  

all dogs have a calm disposition that makes them ideal for households. 

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Certain breeds were bred to be either gregarious or indolent by nature.  

According to dog breed expert Caroline Coile, PhD, "herding dogs tend to be bundles of activity because they had to constantly be ready to gather and push livestock endlessly. 

Additionally, there is some truth to the saying "lazy ol' hound dog," as many hounds prefer to snooze when they're not out hunting." 

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