Warnings About Edamame  

Edamame is a good option for most people's health. However, those who have an allergy to soy should not use this product.

Also, if your diet is already low in fiber, eating a lot of edamame could make you bloated and gassy because of how high the fiber content is.

You should gradually increase your intake of edamame, or any food high in fiber, over time to help your body adjust to the increased fiber and lessen the likelihood of unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects. 

Limited research suggests that eating too much soy may harm thyroid function, including modestly raising thyroid-stimulating hormone levels, which release thyroid hormone.

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Most studies imply that normal soy intake does not affect thyroid health, especially in those with normal thyroid function.

Still, because a diet high in soy may mess up thyroid hormone levels, 

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