Copycat Recipes That Compete

Designed to taste like your favorite restaurant dishes, so you can enjoy them without breaking the cash or changing out of your sweatpants!

Impress your family and friends with these restaurant-quality replica dishes, from PF Chang's fried rice, beef, and shrimp to Chipotle's fresh salsa secrets.

PF Chang's fried rice is delicious, but it's not always convenient to go there when you want it.

Having a duplicate recipe for homemade fried rice is important. Delicious rice, fresh veggies, and a thick, sweet Chinese-inspired sauce make it tempting.

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Copycat Chipotle Tofu Chipotle-style sofritas tacos! Those who have tried their sofritas tofu should try this replica.

Delicious braised tofu in a spicy adobo sauce with pinto beans and spices!A creamy jalapeno sauce!

This jalapeno salsa tastes like Austin's TacoDeli's Salsa Dona! Everything tastes fantastic with spicy jalapeño salsa. 

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