Which Foods Can Harm Dogs?    

Garlic and other alliums are harmful to dogs. Since canines devour them, sulfur compounds hinder oxygen delivery in the body.

Theobromine in cacao stimulates the neurological system, increases heart stress, relaxes breathing muscles, and increases urine in dogs.    

Caffeine, like cacao, causes a lethal chain reaction in dogs.    

Hops contain harmful chemicals for dogs. Hops can produce “malignant hyperthermia”—a rapid rise in body temperature and muscle contraction.    

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Macadamia nuts and walnuts can cause neurological disorders in dogs. Researchers don't know why these nuts make dogs sick.    

Yeast-containing unbaked dough is unlikely to kill dogs. If eaten in excess, dough can expand in the stomach and cause painful, perhaps hazardous obstructions.    

Combining a quick cake mix with tangy lemon pie filling and sweet cream cheese frosting makes for a delicious and easy dessert.  

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