Data shows the dog breed that attacks the most people.

Recent research reveal that wolves did it themselves. Friendship with early humans who offered wolves food helped them survive.

This started humans' centuries-long connection with pets. However, more than 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, and only 800,000 are treated by doctors.

Only pure dog breeds with 10 or more physical injury attacks were ranked, and ties were broken by fatalities.

Dogs are sometimes misdiagnosed by sight, making breed-specific assault counts problematic. 

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These numbers are used to classify breeds as dangerous or violent. Due of these views, several cities and governments have banned breed ownership, but most animal welfare groups oppose it.

 As we learn more about dogs, we're realizing that upbringing and training—not breed—influence how they react to stress, fear, and anxiety.

German settlers produced the Plott hound, North Carolina's official dog, to hunt bears in the mountains.

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