Delicious Easter Brunch Appetizers

Anyone can make this spectacular snack with store-bought dough. Split them into bites so guests can enjoy them while standing and mingling. 

Impress guests with this tray of fresh avocado, juicy tomatoes, and bagel toppings.

via FeelGoodFoodieThis beginner-friendly snack has three tortilla layers, garlicky cream-cheese, and smoked salmon.

Speared with toothpicks, they form an elegant appetizer guests would think took longer.

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via RecipeTinEatsNo special-occasion dish is complete without potatoes. These potatoes are party starters with gooey brie, sweet caramelized onions, and sharp chives. 

These sweet and salty, creamy and crispy crostini will introduce you to toasted baguette and cheese delight. 

Goat cheese and smoked salmon, brie and jam, and burrata with fruit and honey are our favorites.

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