7 best salt replacements for health  

Potassium chloride tastes like salt in tiny amounts. However, excessive use might cause a bitter, metallic taste. Potassium chloride adds saltiness, however it may not be suitable for cooking.  

Pepper is next to the salt shaker at restaurants, but it's sodium-free. Although spicier than salt, it tastes unique and is a wonderful salt replacement.  

A fragrant onion-family vegetable, garlic is used as a spice when dried into powder. Plain garlic powder is a healthier, buttery option without salt. Warning: garlic salt contains additional salt!  

Without salt, lemon adds flavor and acidity to foods. Both lemon zest and juice are salt-free. Lemon juice has vitamin C and potassium.  

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Vinegar tastes peculiar without salt and is sour. Instead of sodium-laden salad dressings, blend oil and vinegar—balsamic vinegar is trendy, and we love coconut vinegar!  

Herbs and spices are great salt substitutes because they provide taste! Choose salt-free or low-sodium herb and spice blends to replace salt.  

Garlic and onion powders are tasty salt substitutes. You can substitute one tablespoon of onion powder for one medium onion.    

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