Different Brands of Caramel Sauce, From Worst to Best 

Cane sugar, heavy cream, and butter are the three primary components of a classic caramel sauce.  

After that, the sauce can be prepared in an infinite variety of ways.  

To prevent the caramel sauce from setting into crystals, some people add an inverted syrup, such as honey, maple syrup, or corn syrup.  

Some people like to add vanilla or sea salt to their caramel sauce, while others want to experiment with other extracts and infusions. 

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We restricted the testing pool to plain caramel and salted caramel sauces and syrups because those are the most accessible options and easiest to evaluate objectively.  

We also took into consideration overall texture, thickness, flavor, color, and mouthfeel.  

The outcomes were unexpected in a few instances, but predictable in others.  

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