Diner Foods You Should Never Order

Diners have many charms. Your typical diner has all the comfort food you need. 

Additionally, several restaurants are known for their extensive menus. It's easy to get lost in the pleasure of ordering anything at a diner. 

However, there are diner meals you will never regret avoiding. It's risk vs. profit. It's fine to crave seafood, but is it worth getting food poisoning? Definitely not.

 We'll cover all the must-avoid dining foods.Diners aren't known for delicious salads.

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Often, diners serve a mound of hastily put-together, sad-looking greens and veggies with bland, giant-jug dressing. 

You're better off ordering a salad at a restaurant that spends time with the technique and ingredients or making your own.

Sometimes a dish of pasta is justified. However, your regular diner may not serve the best pasta with in-house sauce. 

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