Dinner Ideas You Must Try  

Chicken thighs and sweet potato crisp in the oven while broccolini roasts in foil for consistent cooking and simple cleanup.  

This creamy balsamic chicken and mushroom skillet sauce has the right acidity and sweetness.  

This recipe is based on Hawaiian huli huli chicken, which is grilled chicken rotated repeatedly and basted with a sweet and savory sauce.  

Forget the wok and stirring! Make this 15-minute stir-fry on one baking sheet under the broiler. A superb sheet-pan stir-fry requires uniformly distributing ingredients on the pan.  

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Roasted butternut squash, red onion, and chickpeas top this kale salad. You "massage" the kale to break it down and absorb the lemony dressing.  

Middle Eastern za'atar, made of dried herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac, adds brightness and earthiness.   

Time-pressed weeknights call for this unstuffed cabbage recipe. This flavorful, meaty skillet dish is baked to recreate the original while simplifying the technique.   

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