Cherries and their health advantages  

Research indicates that tart cherry juice or cherry extract can help you fall asleep and remain asleep if you're seeking a natural sleep aid to help you catch some Z's. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of plant-based foods can be found in plenty in a bowl of luscious cherries.

According to Nelson, the inflammatory process leads to the hardening of arterial plaque, which in turn causes heart disease. 

Recent research has shown that black cherry extracts contain cancer-fighting chemicals that can halt the growth of breast cancer cells in vitro.  

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Nelson says cherries are a good source of fiber at 3 grams per cup. She adds that high-fiber diets like fruits and vegetables can promote weight loss by promoting satiety.  

Nelson adds cherries are high in vitamin C, which is needed to form collagen, in addition to fiber. Cherry servings contain 10 milligrams of vitamin C, or 11% of your recommended intake.  

The ancient grain barley was used in many recipes. With people loving the ‘ancient grain’ trend, health bowls and salads are using it again.  

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