Dog Breeds with the Highest Maintenance Expenses 

To help potential dog owners budget for the financial commitment, it is helpful to know which breeds are most expensive to maintain, whether for preventative measures or for regular maintenance. 

Due to their specific dietary requirements, amount of daily grooming, and risk of hereditary diseases, some dog breeds are more expensive than others.   

Along with an estimate of their annual care expenses, here are 27 of the most costly dog breeds to take care of, 

ranging from uncommon types that demand a high price to popular breeds with substantial health demands.  

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The majestic and protective nature of the ancient Tibetan Mastiff breed has earned it a place of honor.  

Due to their massive size (which requires big volumes of food) and thick, double coat (which requires professional care), owners of this gorgeous dog incur high expenses. 

An owner may shell out more than $3,000 a year for their Tibetan Mastiff's food, grooming, and medical care. 

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