Dog-centric restaurants grow, so New Yorkers preserve two dog cafes.

Customers were surprised when two New York dog cafes closed last month. So much, they rejected it.  

Logan Mikhly, who launched Boris & Horton with her father, Coppy Holzman, in 2018, stated  .

I knew people were going to be sad, I knew I was going to hear some nice things about the cafe, but I didn't realize that people were going to mobilize to changeBoris & Horton, the city's first dog-friendly cafe, debuted in the East Village.  

It's like a cafe, but more clients have floppy ears and wagging tails. It's one of several similar restaurants in New York and worldwide.  

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Humans and dogs can get pastries and snacks in the cafe (only humans drink coffee).   

Last spring, Boris & Horton opened a second Brooklyn store after years of success.  

Our local health department requires us to prepare human and pet meals separately and serve dog food in disposable containers. Next to the seating area is the cafe.  

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