Each Zodiac Sign's Name Origin

What's a name? The Zodiac, which divides the sky into twelve equal halves, is full of mythology, symbolism, and history.

Each section, or sign, represents a constellation visible at certain times of year.

The zodiac signs' names and symbols come from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, representing their features, stories, and attributes. 

This article explores the interesting tales and legends behind each zodiac sign's name and how they have affected our perception of the stars.

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Jason and the Argonauts seek a miraculous ram's fleece in the Greek story of the Golden Fleece, which inspired the constellation's ram symbol.

After Castor's death, Pollux, the eternal twin, implored Zeus to keep the brothers together, culminating in their placement among the stars.

Hera sent a crab to distract Hercules during his battle with the Hydra, hence the sign's link with a crab. Hera placed the crab in the heavens despite its failure.

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