Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Work Lunches 

I mean, let's be honest: lunchtime can feel like the only positive aspect of work some days. 

This is the perfect opportunity to relax, get some fresh air, have fun with your coworkers, etc. and stand in an extremely long line for takeout?  

Neither of us thinks so. Think again if you believe that bringing a sad sandwich or leftovers is your only option. 

You don't have to kill yourself the night before (or first thing in the morning) to whip up a lunch to bring to work; we're here to tell you that.  

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We provide a wide variety of bowls, wraps, salads, and soups to suit everyone's tastes.  

You may never want to order takeout again after trying these 55 work lunch recipes! 

In need of a fresh take on homemade pizza for the month of January?  

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