Eight Ways to Handle Dog Food Aggression

Food aggressiveness occurs when a dog guards its food. If another animal approaches their meal, they may growl, snap, or bite. Like a pet afraid of being denied nourishment.

Resource guarding encompasses this behavior. Dogs protect more than food here.

 They may guard their toys, space, or favorite person. Dogs instinctively do this to ensure their safety.

Simple explanations exist for why dogs guard their food. Their past, upbringing, location, and health may be factors. Let's examine:

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Instincts: Dogs remember their wild ancestors. Hunger was a major issue then. 

As their only means of survival, they had to guard it.Early Puppyhood Learning: Young puppies sometimes battle for food with their furry siblings. 

If kids learn this young, they may do it as adults. Besides food, dogs defend toys and other good goods. This is especially true if they've been short supplied.

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