Enjoy Piña Colada Cake on Your Spring Break Staycation.  

Relax in the sand with palm trees swaying while enjoying a slice of piña colada cake.  

Even in sweatpants, this dessert will make you feel like you're on a tropical spring break getaway!  

This boozy poke cake combines sweet pineapple and coconut again. Easy pineapple cake is steeped in sweet coconut cream and topped with fluffy coconut and pineapple pudding.   

This summer dessert will be a success at any cookout or pool party. While baking this handmade cake, listen to Rupert Holmes (or don't—"Escape" will be stuck in your mind anyhow).  

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The oil-based yellow cake is easy to stir together. Canned undrained crushed pineapple replaces milk, water, and sour cream. The hot cake is poked after baking.  

Afterward, the cake is soaked in piña colada ingredients: coconut cream, dark rum, and lime juice.  

After cooling, the cake is topped with whipped cream, coconut pudding mix, and canned pineapple.   

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