Essential Dignities: What Does a Fall Planet Mean in Astrology?

In modern astrology, these vital dignities don't determine success or failure. They are just indicators of where you need to strive harder.

In classical astrology, a planet in fall or detriment meant bad luck or a dismal outlook in the area ruled by the planet.

Astrologically, a planet in fall is opposite its exalted position. Astrology says a planet in fall is weaker than in other positions.

However, this location isn't “bad”. It just means you may have to work harder in your fall placement. Sometimes the things we have to work at become our strengths!

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Some signs have no fall planet because astrology only recognizes 10 planets.

Each Planet's Fall Qualities According to Modern AstrologyWith Saturn in fall, Aries' assertive leadership is difficult. 

You probably like to follow the crowd and avoid conflict. Saturn was in Aries from 1996-1999. People born at this time may struggle to pursue their dreams.

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