Family-Unfriendly Canines 

Basenjis, which have their roots in ancient Egypt, are athletic and energetic, making them ideal companions for older children.  

Basenjis are great apartment pets since they are so quiet, but be warned: you might not hear them growl until it's too late! 

Due to their innate herding instincts, Australian Shepherds may mistake your children for part of their flock, particularly when playing at home.  

Despite their good intentions, they might cause minor mishaps due to their innate tendency to herd.  

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Exerting their bodies as guides, these lively Aussies can be a tripping hazard for children on the go. 

Additionally, they may bite if they feel unnoticed; this is their method of communicating, "Hey, come with me!" 

Their initial purpose in life was to defend their pack from enemy dogs, and when angered, their 200-pound frame makes them extremely difficult to control. 

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