Here are some avocado salad ingredient tips.  

French red wine vinegar has a deeper flavor and acidity, so I like it. Avoid making a special journey to the store for your favorite.  

Only light Bertolli olive oil since I like light olive oil. Please taste your EVOO before adding the full amount to my recipe. More pungent.   

Garlic clove: adds a mild kick to enhance flavors. Minced, obviously.   

Haad avocado: Mature yet not overwhelming. Still a bit hard.   

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Mozzarella: Cubed big mozzarella, not burrata, which spreads too much and is unsuitable for avocado salad. Cigliegine mozzarella is enjoyable.    

Choose a tomato. Get rid of seedlings and membranes.   

French onion soup is perfect: rich broth, fragrant onions, baguette chunks, and melting cheese. These tiny bites show perfection may take many shapes.  

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