Full Moon Impacts Zodiac

He explains, “This lunar eclipse marks a point of closure from an event in your life that took place around Oct. 14, 2023 during the solar annular eclipse at 21 degrees of Libra.”

One month-long lunar cycle ends with a full moon, which in astrology always signifies completion. 

Grim says the eclipse will strengthen that emotion and expose your self-sabotaging habits.

“It may be a time for you to stand inside of your own strength and stop compromising your unique individuality, allowing you to project outward the qualities you want in friends, business associates, and romantic partners,” he adds.

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The full moon is a good moment to let go, change, and ponder about the future, but not on March 25.

The eclipse's unpredictability means you shouldn't set intentions,” Grim warns. Instead, contemplate, release, and celebrate your progress over the past several months while looking forward to spring.

Aries may feel compelled to avoid poison as the full moon approaches on March 25.

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