Get AMAZING Food at the Best Fast Food Joints in Your State 

They aren't flashy, but they're unrivaled when it comes to speedily providing delectable cuisine. 

The leisurely cooking and lightning-fast service at Meat Boss have made it a local favorite in coastal Mobile. 

The simple, slow-cooked meats served in convenient brown paper bags are the specialty of this family-run smoking pit. 

In 2012, it was only a little takeout joint, but now it's a huge hit. 

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The luscious breakfasts, including the world-famous Hog in a Blanket—a massive,  

airy pancake stuffed with pork and covered in syrup—and the juicy pulled beef brisket are the most talked-about dishes at this restaurant. 

This award-winning, award-spirited diner in south Anchorage serves burgers with a Cajun twist, po' boys, and Philly cheesesteaks.  

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