Healthy, Satisfying Weight Loss Snacks

Today's weight loss culture feels more influenced than researched. We get nutrition advice from social media influencers rather than doctors.

Anecdotes aren't necessarily incorrect, but the fact that so many people are gagging on celery juice or going on a week-long potato diet to lose weight shows their power.

Weight loss advice is serious. There are conflicting messages about healthy snacking. 

What are the best weight-loss snacks? Why choose some snacks over others? Is snacking allowed during dieting?

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You can lose weight without cutting out snacks. However, evidence suggests that snack type matters for weight loss.

Studies show that minimally processed, high-protein, high-fiber foods promote satiety between meals. Processed snacks 

Wait to buy diet snacks and “protein brownies”. Many tasty, authentic foods provide the nutritional balance you need to lose weight.

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