7 Foods with Longer-Lasting Energy Than Coffee  

Apples are a fantastic daily snack since they include several vitamins and minerals, including fiber. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and fuels you.  

Great food in your body: applesPeppers are an excellent energy-producing veggie. They can be cooked or washed and sliced into sticks for dipping into hummus for energy.  

Chickpea hummus delivers energy for several hours. It's an excellent snack when dipped in energy-boosting ingredients.   

Carrots are versatile since they come in many shapes. Small baby carrots are ideal for snacking and require no prep.   

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Celery may not taste great, but it's light, full of water and fiber to keep you hydrated and balanced. It complements salads and most soups.  

Due to its sugar level, pineapple may not be suited for diabetics and carb-conscious dieters, but it's a good fruit to add.  

Breakfast oatmeal is typically praised for its revitalizing power. Instant oatmeal sachets with plenty of sugar and artificial flavors should be avoided.  

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