How to Know Your Dog Loves You

A warm and friendly relationship with your dog is fun. You may love your dog, but do you know if they love you?

We must decode their affectionate language from small indications. These signs show your dog loves you, from soulful gazes to enthusiastic tail wags.

A wagging tail means your dog loves and is pleased to meet you.

Dogs lick people and animals to demonstrate affection. It shows sincere caregiving and grooming.

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When your dog follows you, they want to be close. Another proof they love you.Truly loving dogs run to you, bark, and leap up when you get home.

Whining as you leave (and trying to come with you) may indicate separation anxiety, but it also shows they love you and know they will miss you.

There are subtle indications, and we must decode their affectionate language. Soulful gazes and exuberant tail wags are signs your dog loves you.

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