Huge Canine Varieties That Are Wonderful Family Members 

In the hearts of their human families, these enormous creatures are as cuddly as teddy bears, despite their frightening appearance. 

There are a lot of large dog breeds that fall into the "working" category, which means they provide protection, serve, or guard duties. 

This outlook explains why, despite their extreme loyalty and devotion to their human companions, they might be reserved around new people unless they are introduced properly.  

When traveling with a large dog, whether at home or in the car, it might be difficult to keep a firm grip on the leash in order to regulate  

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the dog's movements or redirect its attention when it gets too independent. 

All of the majestic and beautiful breeds shown here weigh 100 pounds or more. 

Men should aim for the upper end of the weight range, while ladies should aim for the lower end. 

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